Just love…


“I wish I could take advantage of him, but he has no money,” – Olga thought, heading in the bus to the subway Finch in the direction of her house. More precisely, her rented apartment. She was so tired of her old house, where she could at least communicate with the Russian neighbors. After all, she almost had no time, and then, coming home from work, she could drink tea with friends. They chatted, smoked out on the balcony, tried on clothes of each other. A couple of years ago all was gone – someone bought a house in Newmarket, someone bought townhouse in Richmond Hill. People “grew up”, got a new job and had a better life. Gradually the house was filled with Filipinos, Pakistanis and others, Olga got bored, and life seemed unbearable. She, Olga, didn’t get a new promising job, was unable to save even for a small apartment. And she didn’t have a husband, who, if she got sick, would say, “Sweetie, stay at home and lay down, you have me”.

At the age of 17 she was still in St. Petersburg, she got married, but a year later the marriage “fell apart”. Mother-in-law thought that her intelligent scientist son should marry an educated girl from a wealthy family. Olga still remembers how her mother-in-law slammed the front door in front of her after returning from the store, how she knocked again and was grasped by the neck. She literally flew from the third floor, like the apples, thrown on the stairs with other products. She heard the words around the entrance: “Screw you, you’ll forever be alone!”

But, as they say, “unlucky in life – lucky in love.” And the woman met Him, strong stocky Stefan. He was married four times and still was helping all four ex-wives and the children!!! I must say that Stefan was earning A LOT OF MONEY, he had his own construction business. Six months ago, when they started dating, Olga remembered the words of a friend: “For once in your life try to use somebody, live for yourself. If he is not nasty, don’t think about love, let him pay!” And she decided to try. What has happened? Ha-ha, it could happen only to her, Stefan came to live in her apartment! To be true, the rent he paid himself and bills too. And, he distributed all his entire salary to the former four wives every month. By the way, only one of them had a job, the others “raised children”. And only one of them got married after Stefan, but had a common child who spent day and night at Olga’s apartment. The products, which were bought by the woman, were enough only for 2-3 days – the guy was 18 years old, his growing body required a lot of calories. It turned out that all her salary was spent only on food. Olga tried to talk to Stefan. Then there was a first scandal. The gold earrings and a bracelet, the family jewels, which Olga received after the death of her mother, were gone from home a few weeks after that. And the next day after the theft, Stefan got a new laptop. There was the scandal again, after which an ex-wife of Stefan called the woman and said that she was going to hex so that she wouldn’t want to live if she didn’t leave her son alone.

Apparently, she has done it, but as a rule, such acts should be punished. The punishment came in the form of Stefan: he fell at a construction site from scaffolding and injured his spine. Olga was left with a crippled and greedy teenager on her hands. And with a salary of 1800$. She couldn’t receive the insurance money so soon.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the driver announcing her stop. On the way home, in the Russian store Olga saw the photo of Leila, looking at her from the cover of the “Canadian courier”…

…Before entering, Olga burst into tears.

– Do you want to ask, why is it so? Why don’t you hit the lottery and built a career like all your friends? Why do you have to support someone else’s child, when you don’t have yours? And how long will your friend stay in bed? – asked Leila with softness in her voice. Olga stood in the doorway. Leila asked her to sit down and immediately started solving the problems. Making some strange, weird things right in front of her, she said that at first it was important to identify the cause and time where all the troubles had started. She sent the poor women home and taking all the data and photos, Leila asked her to call her in the morning. The reason turned out to be her mother-in-law’s curse during the wedding ceremony, and the day she kicked Olga out of the house. Personal life, the reproductive hormone and happiness were completely blocked.

Two weeks later, Stefan’s son went to live with his mother. Leila kept working. Olga came two more times, Leila didn’t have to see her every day – mostly she did everything by herself. Soon Stefan began to move on his own around the apartment. They received a letter with the news about insurance compensation due to the accident at work. The first check should be sent soon.

Olga finally moved to another apartment, however, it wasn’t hers also, but still it was new and clean. Three months later, she met a handsome man who almost immediately made her a proposal.

Two years have passed. Olga is happy for two main reasons.

THE FIRST ONE: she went back to Leila to show her daughter, who, looking at the healer’s with her blue eyes, was sucking a pacifier at the hands of her mother.

The SECOND REASON was the fact that when Olga was sick, she was happy. Yes, yes, happy! Because there was a man who could tell her “SWEETIE, STAY AT HOME, BECAUSE YOU HAVE ME!”