Leila’s competence includes:

Removing the evil eye, damage , witchcraft.
a) cutting the power cord
b) The expulsion of demons

Healing sessions with the ball.
a) Diabetes
b) Cholesterol
c)vitiligo development stop
d) eyelids lowering

Private life road opening.

Removal of the celibacy wreath.

Psychological illness in children and adults
a) Epilepsy
b) Schizophrenia
c) Sharp , pronounced psychosis
d) Panic attacks
e) Obsessions

Returning of the loved ones ( if it’s fate ).

House and business cleaning.

The ritual which helps to get a job.

Removal of harmful employees.

Removal of alcohol and drug addiction.

Help to the people in a state of hypnosis. Syndrome “zombie”.

The program of luck in the courts and on the interviews.

Talismans – constant overall protection. Mascots, amulets.

Skin diseases elimination.
a) Eczema
b) Psoriasis