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Methods used by this person for disclosing the causes of diseases, disharmonies or dysfunctions, as well as capability to influence and the subsequent neutralization of these reasons, the return of health and positive solutions of the majority declared problems do not fit the frameworks of modern science and medical practice.
Director of the Psychosomatic Research Departmnet,University of California,
Doctor of Psychology Judi Hefneru.


The fortune-teller, the psychic, the healer – many people call her like this. Or simply the foreteller who reads the information from above and who uses the space Energy for carrying out the bio-energetic massage.
During her sessions Leila uses a crystal sphere – with its help she carries out the treatment of diverse diseases, as well as the removal of the love spell.
If the spell was done long time ago and it involved such ingredients as land, scissors, victim’s belongings, and may be much more, then along with the crystal sphere a special six-day ritual should be held, which guarantees the success of purification.

Sometimes relatives of the dead people whose phantom does no longer exist nourish the hope that Leila is capable of changing the “death verdict”. In spite of the fact that Leila is a very strong medium, everyone has its own fate, and it is impossible to change the date of birth as well as the date of death.
Producing Divination by Tarot cards, it is possible to see beforehand if any misfortune or problem is directed at the person.
The only way to establish protection in this situation is the damage removal or the removal of the curse and, subsequently, making talismans according to the victim’s background and personal facts. Prior to this, it is desirable to form a personal horoscope, which will provide a clear and precise picture of what is happening.
Leila is a medium possessing the ability to draw a direct parallel between the subtle world, the Space energy and the man.

Having received from her grandmother the ability to predict and to see events in advance, Leila as well inherited the art of herbalism, the art of using herbs. Leila returns people luck, fortune, success and love. Moreover Leila diagnoses and treats despaired people.


These forecasts were published in the 660th issue of the Russian Info, dated 30 August 2011 and were subsequently confirmed according to the times appointed by Leila.
• The collapse of Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi
Volcano eruption in Europe
• Murder in Norway – Anders Behring Breivik killed eight people by setting off a van bomb amid government buildings in Oslo, then shot dead 69 participants.


Leila’s school – this is not the magic!
This is the school of mastering the basics of effective self-defence, such as the evil eye removal, witchcraft removal, the ability to win over others. Leila’s students practice bio-field treatment, water charge and even…removal of the celibacy crown! Numerology is the main key that opens the secret door into the person’s soul, the key that determines the character and defines the latent feelings.