In the world there are hundreds of different talismans, or, as they are called, amulets, amulets. There are 3 types of Leila’s mascots:

I. Permanent common talisman for 21 years, for 3 generations.

Parents, children and grandchildren, already born, as well as those who are born during the 21st year from the moment of making the mascot. It is called common because its power spreads in all directions: for luck, personal life, work and health. It also protects and protects against accidents and accidents.

II. The talisman is for business, or, as it is called, the guard.

Business-Talisman. It is divided into two types:
A. Raising business to further its prosperity.
B. Raising the business for 30 days for its quick sale for this period.

III. Temporary private talisman.

Designed exclusively for the health of the patient, as well as to eliminate his illness.