The Reporter Kosnyak – by the Words of Marquez.

If she wants to cry, don’t make her laugh, but always cry along with her. If she wants to run away, don’t ask her to stay… just run away with her. If she doesn’t want to hear anyone, be quiet with her.

I met her at Starbucks at the intersection of Dufferin and Steeles in the midst of Indian summer. The day was quite good for setting the respondent up for an interview: to sit, to chat, to gossip. I understood that it would be very difficult to have an honest conversation with her, but, nevertheless, I decided to start a “probing action”. Judge yourself what has happened…

– Hello, Leila. I haven’t seen you so long. My readers and I have many questions, we want to ask you. So, are you ready for the “confession”?

– Yes, indeed we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I don’t really like to be the center of attention, and you – the journalists – are very dangerous people, and people take your job as a fourth power.

– Are you afraid of the power?

– According to the encyclopedia, power is the ability to impose your will, to manage or affect other people, even in spite of their resistance. I think and know that God created man in his image and like himself: so he has to live this life being free and pure, a life without any power and abuse.

– Then what about the political power? The government and politics? – I was surprised.

– Any government is chosen by the people, and it must serve others, not rule over them.

– Leila, many people come to you; there are those who want to return their husband or girlfriend among them. Or, conversely, want to “cut” an obsessive other half. It doesn’t matter, if this partner interferes to build a new relationship or he overloads the family energetically and financially, or beats his wife, you always help to break up with such person – isn’t that a violence?

– Do you think I’m a witch, who cooks a love potion in her hut and poison people with it? – laughed Leila. And I command the house to turn around to those who want to return a loved one and to turn back to those who want to end the relationship?

You could see in her eyes how she liked the humor about the position of the fantastic house, which depends on the client’s desire.

– Everything is a bit different, – Leila continued, – When the person asks me to charm, I always check a karmic relation, whether their ways are similar and their direction is alike. I also check their compatibility in numerology and astrology. If everything is ok, only then it comes to “boiling potion”. Seriously, I prepare some things for the client and write on paper all the details about what should be done with them. Pay attention: I do not give anything that their half needs to eat or drink, and what you need to throw in the house. After all, it requires meeting with a partner, and, in most cases, my people don’t have the opportunity to meet, because that person doesn’t want to see them. And in a few days someone, for whom we’ve been working, feels the sweet pain because of “arrow of Cupid” and intense amorous desire.

– And what if the karma lines are not the same? – I asked.

– Then I explain to the person what consequences he might face if he goes against the will of Fate. After that I send the client with God.

We come into this world to give birth to children and raise them for procreation. Our karmic twins appear with us in this period or a little bit later or a little earlier; there are a lot of them. Maybe, we cross most of them at least once in your life. If we find them, or they find us, then such couples can give a birth to perfect children: talented, healthy, bringing good to mankind. If we missed our karmic twin and tied our lives with a stranger, there would be a high probability of having a moral monster or physically disabled person… Or just worthless creature. Such people negatively affect the global development of civilization.

– What if the family is created by destiny, but then, after a certain time, quarrels, scandals and tears will start? – I asked.

– As my favorite author Gabriel Garcia Marquez said “no one deserves your tears and those, who deserve, will not make you cry”. In fact, it means that one of the two or both disturbed the balance, taking a negative charge on them. They just need to be cleaned from the difficult family crisis in time, and they should understand each other, – explained Leila.

– How do you think, how long does Love live and if it grows old with us?

– People are so wrong thinking that they stop loving when they grow old. On the contrary, they grow old because they stop loving. I’ll tell you that true love comes with age: decent, mature and wise, – it seemed that Leila liked this philosophical statement.

– What will you advice, if after many years of a happy married life a husband or a wife suddenly feels alienated and alone, and starts looking for the same lonely, deprived of the affection people, and destroys their families? – I asked.

– I’ll tell you what to do. If she/he wants to cry, do not make her/him laugh, but always cry with him. If one day he wants to run away, don’t be afraid and don’t ask him to stay… just run away with him. If he doesn’t want to hear anyone, be quiet with him. Let him know that if one day he’ll call and you don’t respond, he/she needs to hurry to you. Let him find you, he must be sure that in this moment you really need him.

Finishing her conversation with the words of Marquez Leila “disappeared” with usual enthusiasm “to cook the love potion”.

I think this interview was interesting and instructive for many of our readers. I wish you all happiness and true love, and if something in your life goes wrong, please contact Leila!

Reporter L. Cosnac.