At the end of the working day …

At the end of the working day …

At the end of the working day, when the last visitor had left my office and I was ready to go home, suddenly the door opened and the elderly woman came into the room. Quickly having looked at her, I said tiredly:

  • The reception is over for today and I guess you haven’t made an appointment.
  • Leila, I’m sorry, I didn’t hope I’d see you. I found time when my kids went to friends and would come back later. Two days ago, I came here intentionally to learn the bus route and the road so I would know how to drive here the next time. I don’t want the kids to know that I visited you. Now I can arrive without any problems, as the opportunity appears, I will call you back and set up a meeting,” the woman said in a little voice, trying to leave.

I stopped her, obeying the inner voice to listen to an elderly person. It happens to me rarely, but it happens. The weariness just vanished.

  • What brings you to me? I see you’re new in Canada and, I guess, everything was quite good before your coming here (it was my inner self who has already spoken. That’s what I call readable information from Space).

The grandma became a little confused, sighed and began to speak.

  • Yes, you are right, I came from Israel. I’ve lived there with my husband and son for 20 years. Then the son moved here after University with his wife and 3-years-old daughter for permanent residence. Recently, my husband died and the kids didn’t leave me alone – they applied for supervise with the right to stay with family for 2 years.

My granddaughter is 14 and she is a very beautiful, smart girl. She studied well at school… Here, see for yourself! – the woman handed me a photograph of a girl in a square cap with a tassel, holding a rolled coil with a report. Such photos are usually made at prom night after school.

My children work from morning till night, they are almost always out. Granddaughter would come home late, eat what she could find in the fridge, and sit down to do her homework. I started helping them, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Granddaughter and I used to walk together, I would tell her about my childhood. She would share with me, ask things that she cared about.

But suddenly the girl just completely changed. She still wasn’t speaking with her parents, but she stopped talking to me! She retired into shell and spent hours in her room, almost not eating. I tried to understand what had happened, I asked my son, but he and my daughter-in-law said it happens sometimes and I shouldn’t pay attention to it.

Three weeks ago my son came home early and entered her room. Five minutes later the girl literally tossed out of the room in tears, got dressed and – with the words “I hate you, leave me alone!” – banged the front door.

We’ve been looking for her all night, calling classmates, friends, but she was nowhere to be found. In the morning, the police arrived to the son. The granddaughter called social service for children and asked for help to leave home for a while. She was settled in some hostel for teenagers who don’t want to live with their parents. My daughter-in-law explained to me that granddaughter had a nervous breakdown and depression, which sometimes becomes active. At the time of exacerbation she becomes indifferent to one she loves. I am so worried about her, especially knowing that earlier she wanted to commit a suicide.

  • And your granddaughter started to say that she likes women and they attract her sexually? – I said acrimoniously.
  • How do you know?! I was embarrassed to tell you that, – exclaimed the pensioner.
  • And the body of your girl often rejects the food she eats. In other words, she vomits it.
  • Leila, sweetie, I’ve never told you that! Tell me doesn’t she have an anorexia yet? Is that too serious?
  • More than that, – I replied.
  • Help, please!! My daughter-in-law doesn’t believe in people like you, and doctors give medications to my granddaughter, which turn her into a vegetable. She has to go to the University!

A couple of weeks ago I published an article in the newspapers about the transition phase of the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. It was about the stressors of the modern world, the change of the magnetic field of the Earth, about harmful food additives that change the chemical composition of the human brain… Especially when the brain isn’t still strong and not formed enough. Young people are apathetic, they feel dully to what is happening around and don’t want to strive for anything. They have no emotion, they show reduced activity, which in its turn, causes depressions and the manifestation of negative disorders (such as schizophrenia and symptoms of various somatic and neurological diseases).

This disease can appear in case of young children up to three years, but most often in teenagers at the time of formation of the psyche. This explains the frequent cases of suicide among them. You can’t free your rapid sexual development, especially in case of girls who want to do it, but they are afraid and scared. Maybe she also has a lot of pimples, and overweight, the reasons of her complexes. Handsome guys do not notice her, and they want to be liked. That’s why she switched to the girls, it’s encouraged here, she will not be rejected… They will understand her, because they are the same.

Saying goodbye to grandma, I left the photo of the girl with the date of her birth and her old wearing thing. A week later, the girl returned home, her condition was satisfactory, I met up with her, pretended to be good friend of the parents, and then as someone who can help.

She opened up to me. We changed her routine, had amended her food, registered at various events, where she wanted to go. At the same time I gave grandma many things that she did at home for the restoration of mental balance and energy balance of the girl, as well as regulating her hormones.

I am proud to be useful to that child, and that little old pensioner was able to join me to help rebuild her personality. Today it’s a beautiful, healthy, confident young student and, please note, absolutely straight girl.

I wish you, my dear readers, not to get into such a situation and to control the psyche of your children. If you notice anything similar to the above, do not expect that it “will all go away”, please contact us, together we will help children stand up and go through life healthy and happy!