Program: Second Stage.

The program of the second stage includes 24 lessons 2 times a week in the evening hours. It is also possible to register to a Sunday group, which lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes. This is a three-month course, which includes the following paragraphs:


Registration begins 1.5 months prior the beginning of the course. The applicant must have 2 passport-size photographs and a deposit of $ 100 Canadian dollars in cash, check, or money order. The cost of the course of the 2nd stage is 1500 Canadian dollars.


Lesson # 1

  1. Space. Asteroids.
  2. UFOs. Characteristics of the impact of the UFOs on humans.
  3. Types and features of their phenomena.

Lesson # 2. Teaching elementary numerology.

Lesson # 3. Starvation.

  1. How to Fast
  2. Preparation for starvation.
  3. Procedures. Symptoms
  4. The way out of starvation

Lesson # 4. The difference and types of curse and witchcraft. Table.

  1. Jado

Lesson # 5. Energy cleaning of premises and businesses.

Lesson # 6. Talismans.

Lesson # 7. 5 directives of the folk healer.

Lesson # 8. Fascination.

  1. Situations of fascination. Ways.
  2. Symptoms
  3. Withdrawal

Lesson # 9. The reasons for the formation of the “energy cord”.

  1. Reaction at break
  2. Closing for good luck, love

Lesson # 10. Fundamentals of phyto-therapy.

Lesson # 11. Man: the value of the eyes, eyebrows, face shapes, etc.

  1. Human movements

Lesson # 12. Hands’ appearance

  1. Form
  2. Color
  3. Finger Separation

Lesson # 13. General  value of the fingers

  1. Nails
  2. Hand lines

Lesson # 14. Practical treatment of bio-field

Lesson # 15. Medical Astrology.

Lesson # 16. Manual therapy.

  1. Methods of manual therapy
  2. PIR. Requirements for RIP
  3. Practical lesson

Lesson # 17. Tibetan gymnastics.

Lesson number 18. Sentences, recipes, prayers.

Lesson # 19. Exam.


At the end of the course a graduation ceremony will take place with diplomas presentation. The fees for the full restaurant covering are 14 Canadian dollars per person. Alcohol beverages are not included.

Once the diploma signed by the graduate person, the it gets force and medical properties. It can be applied to a sick body for pain removal. Possible to put it under charged water bottles for the night while it will strengthen its curative properties.

For additional information, please call 416-650-1282