First of all, these two school stages give person the ability to help his own family and friends. All those who graduated from the First School Stage are able to relieve pain, to diagnose disease, to set up a long-term or fast protection to the person depending on specific situation. This is the first direction, which has an emergency meaning.

The second subsequent direction follows, as a result of the first. Students are able to make medicines of natural grasses and herbs; they are able to charge water from specific illness. They are capable to remove curse and evil eye; to clean the room of negative fields.

The Second Stage of the Leila’s school is held much less often, than the first stage as only those who have a gift of vision can be trained here; those who have an ability to control their own energy and the force of impact on the foreigner bio-field.

People learn how to ask for forgiveness while praying for the sinners, how to remove the impact of the love spell and the black magic. They are able to determine the number and the name that fit the specific person. Here study people who according to the numerology are able “to read” everyone, seeing his character, his positive and negative qualities.

The second stage of Leila’s school prepares assistants to work with Leila. The second stage of the school allows a person to call himself the “Sense”, which means “See thyself”.