Visiting the Wise Woman Leyla. Mental purity.

Mental purity conquers the family curse

Renata realized that childhood has ended and adulthood began at the day of her seventeenth birthday in the hospital, when a small bundle was brought to the patient room after a terrible pain, longstanding agony and distress. Touching the creature in it, she forgot about everything…

Renata was discharged on the third day. Husband Alex, unfortunately, was not able to pick her up from the hospital – he went to his parents in a neighboring town 2 weeks ago. He literally crawled up home a week later after discharge, filled with the smell of alcohol, tobacco and sweat, and immediately climbed to the cradle with the child, and then to Renata. She tried to defend herself, asked, begged and threatened. She explained that he can’t touch her immediately after birth, but Alex still got his way.

While her husband was sleeping after a number of hard parties, she packed her things and left with the child to Moscow for her cousin. After the death of Renata’s parents she was her only close relative.

Sister was reluctant to accept her with daughter, she advised to return to her husband or to take the child to the orphanage to get rid of a burden.

– It’s difficult to find a boyfriend in Moscow, but it’s possible, she said. – But nobody will take you with a child.

The young woman was silent, she nodded her head, but she knew that all sister’s blandishments are vain, she needed a temporarily crash, she had small amount of money raised from the sale of parents’ summerhouse.

Several beautiful buildings stood near my sister’s house, where mostly the wealthy people lived. Renata understood it while watching cars entering the garage – almost all models were prestigious. Once she got into each of these houses and put a small piece of paper with the offering of cheap and professionally cleaning the apartment on the call-board. The business started. The woman would manage to leave for a couple hours while the daughter was sleeping, then return to feed the baby and run again for cleaning. Daughter seemed to understand the state of her mom: she ate, slept, and if she woke up when no one was home, she would lie quietly, staring at the ceiling. It’s been three weeks since the work started. Knowing that Renata was working, sister asked her for money for accommodation. She gratefully paid her and promised to solve the housing issue soon.

– Yes, think about it, I can’t live in this madhouse anymore, – sister said.

One day Renata came back home late (on Sunday evening her sister was babysitting for a fee). Opening the door, the woman realized that she wasn’t alone – she heard the clink of glasses and the cheerful conversation at the guest room, where she slept with her daughter. There was Alex sitting at the table, he was already well tipsy. Sister was sitting next to him. Clutching his arm with one hand and barely holding the glass with the other, she argued the “relative” zealously.

– It was your sister, who called and said where you are. What, bitch, didn’t think I’d find you? – Alex hissed through clenched teeth.

Glancing at the baby’s crib and making sure the girl was there, Renata tried to get her head together without worrying and reached for the child, when suddenly her husband’s hand covered her face, it became dark in the eyes, as someone have switched off the light. She didn’t hear the rumbling noise her own body falling, didn’t see how husband and sister were beating her with their legs. When the police, called by neighbors, had rushed into the apartment, they saw two brutal weakened beasts, continuing to mock a bloodied body of a woman.

An ambulance crew brought her into senses. Sister and Alex were taken to the station and they promised to keep them there at least for a couple days. Renata was asked to come and write a statement against the attackers. The next morning she was unable to go to the station. First of all, she didn’t want to judge her sister and was afraid to put husband on a jail. In addition to it, her employer was waiting for her. Barely getting up from the bed, the woman brought herself up and looked over the bruises and went to work. The landlady – nice, bossy middle-aged woman – immediately realized that the maid was in serious trouble. Embracing Renata like mothers, she seated her at the table and demanded to know what had happened. Unable to restrain herself, barely drawing a breath, she, in tears, told all story from the very beginning. How after the death of her parents she was left alone and married a neighbor, who had just returned from the army, how he raped her after giving birth and how sister had betrayed her… After listening to her story, the landlady stood up and said:

– Let’s go to take the child, you will live with me from today and no one else will be able to hurt you.

Renata was flying from happiness. Svetlana Andreevna was the sweetest of souls. She became the baby’s godmother and the second mother for her. Time went on, the girl has grown so much that it was possible to give her to the kindergarten. The woman worked in the evening, cleaned the offices. Life was getting better – neither the former husband nor her sister ever bothered. Four years have passed. Several times Renata struggled to find housing so as not to embarrass the mother Sveta (so she called herself), but Svetlana Andreevna was against it. She, of course, had her own adult daughter, who lived with her family. Every six months she came to mom for a few minutes to pick up another expensive trinket, which Svetlana Andreevna had a lot in the apartment. She looked at Renata and her daughter suspiciously and with disgust, but she did not say a word.

Spring came; the woman met a long-awaited thaw with joy and hope, when suddenly… Svetlana Andreevna was diagnosed with cancer. Renata and mother Sveta found out about it too late. A beautiful, powerful woman passed away in three months. She died in summer. Her death was a huge shock for Renata – she lost her mother for the second time. Before the funeral Svetlana’s daughter ordered her to leave the apartment, threatening to rot her in jail, if she stole something. The woman asked to stay in the apartment for the funeral with tears in her eyes, Svetlana’s son-in-law, being a worthy man, persuaded his wife not to kick out Renata with the baby for another two weeks, until they found housing.

A lot of people came to the funeral: friends, relatives, former employees from other cities and even countries. One of them, a young woman, differed from all of them. Renata didn’t know her and didn’t understand why this woman was so interesting for her. She wasn’t like Svetlana, but they had something in common. Seeing her eyes filled with tears at the funeral, Renata realized that her eyes were remarkably like Svetlana – such imperious, but warm and amazingly relative. There, at the cemetery, she went to Renata and said quietly:

 – I am Svetlana’s friend; I stayed at the hotel “Metropol” on Tverskaya. Come to me tomorrow at twelve o’clock, and take your daughter.

The next day, sitting in front of the familiar women, Renata heard the amazing story. Svetlana’s friend said that she came from Canada, her name was Leila, and she has long been involved in spirituality and is a MEDIUM that transmits information of the Universal Mind. She unraveled the tangle at the request of the deceased, opened and found the cause of all the misfortunes of Renata. Before the revolution her ancestors were cursed by spiritual people for the serious sins which they had committed. They all died at a young age as their parents. The curse affected Renata in the form of her husband and sister. Once Svetlana Andreyevna gave her a piece of her heart, she got sick and died.

– I learned about you too late and at the request of Svetlana began to clear your karma, – said Leila. – Now you just have to change the name.

They discussed options and finally came to the conclusion that the name Lana is perfect to Renata. She already had the light – her little girl Svetlana, who was protected from the family curse forever because she became a daughter of Lana, who was purified from all the negativity by Leila from Canada.

P.S. Lana is married and is engaged in successful business: she teaches primary school children. On summer vacation she arrives in Toronto with her family to see, as she says, imperious, but warm and kind eyes of Leila.