Guesting at a Fortune-Teller. When you feel bad.

Guesting at a fortune-teller.
When you’re feeling bad, remember – it’s not always going to be this way…

But even if you’re sure you’re happy, also remember – it’s not always going to be this way.

Unfortunately, we often forget about these things. However, the destiny always finds a moment to offer you consolation or hit you on the nose. It’s exactly what I want to tell you about, and the saddest thing in this story is that everything you’re going to read now has happened to me.

I’ve been married for 15 years. My oldest son is 14 and a daughter is 8 years old. My husband is 12 years older than me. Getting married, I was proud that Nick was the most intelligent and interesting man on the planet, and the age gap didn’t bother me at all. I always felt his strong male energy and considered myself happy and protected all those 15 years. Our family was the luckiest and the strongest.

Nick is a successful businessman, and he fully supported us all by himself, so I didn’t even think about getting a job. In addition to it, there wasn’t even a possibility to do anything else except cooking, cleaning, raising kids, preparing a lunch for my husband and welcoming him after work. In other words, I was a housewife, but I tried not to forget that men love good-looking women. I tried to stay in shape, knowing that Nick was glad and proud when I was given compliments at some events or in restaurants. Sometimes, strangers thought I was his daughter, and he laughed saying that real men should have young wives.

Those were the happy times.

Everything changed a year ago, when Nick got a new business partner Mykola. First time, I saw him with his wife Linda at a banquet, associated with the merging of the two companies. There were many people in the restaurant. Linda and I were at the same table, and my husband asked to talk to her, as she didn’t know anyone there, and she could be bored.

Men were drinking and discussing business plans the entire evening.

It was interesting to talk to Linda. Considering the age gap of about 10-15 years, I would like to become friends with her, she had some kind of charm and attractive energy.

The next week, Nick and I decided to invite the new friends to have dinner with us. Linda and Mykola took a close look at our house and then, after dinner, the woman asked Nick to show her our collection of Swarovski figures, my husband and I had been buying all those years. We had a special wall for it in the cabinet on the second floor. While I was talking to Mykola and drinking wine, excited moans and sighs were heard from the second floor. That evening seemed to be very long, and before leaving Linda whispered to me: “Yeaaah, girl, you have such a husband…many women would envy you!” I felt uncomfortable , as if a cold shiver passed over my spine, and I asked: “You too?”

  • I’m the first one to envy! – she said and kissed my husband on the cheeks loudly and cheerfully.

Her words and a strange behavior could be caused by red wine, but I felt something unpleasant for a long time.

Everything seemed fine, except the fact that Nick started taking small business trips more often, saying that two companies’ merging requires twice more work from him. I haven’t seen the new friends, they haven’t called, and I wasn’t quite eager to communicate with them after the previous meeting.

That day started as usual: my husband went to work, the kids left for school and I was going to drive to dry-cleaning. Before giving the clothes for cleaning, I checked all the pockets, as Nick could leave some change or important papers. In the inside pocket of his jacket, I found a bill from expensive hotel in our city. It means he didn’t have any business trip three days ago, he rented a room here for two days, not so far from home! Although…Maybe he booked it for guests? – I thought. The room was expensive and there was dinner and breakfast for two in the bill.

I’ve never felt so bad. It was like a blade hurting all my body, I was crying against my will. In a few hours, I calmed down a bit and decided to call my old friend Lara, who worked at my husband’s office. I asked her to come by, but so that Nick wouldn’t know about it. We met the next day and I started asking general questions: how was work at the office, was everything the same, were the new partners doing fine etc.

I noticed that Lara wanted to tell me something, but couldn’t find the courage to start talking. It was the first time in my life that I decided to go blind and I shouted: “You know everything, girl, we’re friends, how could you be silent?!” I was surprised that my words worked. Lara started crying and apologizing, she said she wanted to tell me, that my beloved was dating with That witch. The entire office was shocked, everyone felt sorry for me, and they all talked how this old woman mesmerized my husband. And SHE comes to the office fearless and they spend time together with Nick in his cabinet. HER husband feels embarrassed, he comes to work with his head down. I understood who it was, and while my friend was weeping and wiping tears, I was digesting what I just heard. I felt frozen. It was strange: I had no tears, no anger. I didn’t want to hear or see anyone anymore, I didn’t want to live at all. And I didn’t realize what Lara was saying.

  • Maybe you should go see a fortune-teller Leila? – she said, leaving.
  • Maybe, – I answered and closed the door. There were no fights, cries of hysteria. When Nick found out I knew everything, he just took his clothes and said before leaving:
  • She was what I’ve been missing all these years. Forgive me if you can. I will take care of you and the kids.

I was living as in a fog for the next three months, not knowing how he could leave the family so easily. It was a betrayal of my Love to him. Lara would come visit me from time to time. She told me that Nick and Linda went to Cuba, that she made her husband leave the house, and now he has to rent an apartment, while Nick is living in their house.

She said Linda married Mykola after taking him away from the previous family. And it’s her third marriage. Everyone is waiting for Nick to divorce, sell the house and the company. They all feel sorry for me. It’s not the first time that Linda is making her husband concentrate all the money and invest into a new and profitable business – she knows how to do it. In the end, she’ll get the next large sum of money, as everything is going by her strict scenario. She found out long ago that testosterone affects men stronger than the mind.

So I decided to fight for myself and our children. First, I went to a lawyer in order to have a financial protection. Then I met Leila and asked her to protect my family from her side, in case Linda is doing something to my husband and it may expand on us and our health. I asked Leila to get Nick out of hypnosis, because there was no other word for his state at that moment. Leila explained that Nick is doing everything against his will, that there are such women who know certain tricks for mesmerizing men – mostly IN BED. In such cases, the person sees and understands everything, but can’t do anything about it. He can’t control the situation. He is suffering and later can get seriously sick. Leila said we could fight it all, as such people as Linda destroy others’ lives and build their happiness on others’ miseries.

Leila helped me by programming his return, as according to destiny, our family should be and could be together. My husband has been begging for forgiveness for a month already, saying he doesn’t know how he found himself under some kind of a magic spell. I was told that after he left Linda she came to office several times, making scenes and falling on the floor hysterically.

The colleagues called ambulance and police, and she received a restrain order to be at least 500 meters away from Nick or his office.

How am I living now? Not bad, just remember Leila’s words: “When you’re feeling bad, remember – it’s not always going to be this way. But even if you’re sure you’re happy, also remember – it’s not always going to be this way”. What am I going to do with Nick? I guess it will take time to replace the memories of the insult, sadness and disappointment with the memories of LOVE, GRATITUDE, UNDERSTANDING AND TRUST…