There are 78 cards in the Tarot cards deck, which are divided into Senior and Junior Arcane. Arcane, translated from Latin, means an unknown or a secret. Senior Arcane – trump suit cards – include 22 cards. The remaining 56 cards are called Junior Arcane.

When using a tarot deck for reading, you can use both the Senior and the Junior Arcane, only the Senior or only the Junior Arcane. This is possible because of the difference in the meaning of the both. Mixing the Senior and the Junior Arcane improves the accuracy and the effectiveness of the answers.An example of a simple layout of the Junior Arcane:Attitude to the person (3 cards).

Randomly Pull 3 cards from the Junior Arcane.


1st: the general impression you make on a person you have envisioned; to a large extent this is his conscious appraisal of your personality and your actions.

2-nd: feelings, which a person, you have envisioned, has towards you.

3rd: his subconscious (hidden from himself) attitude towards you – it is the subconscious perception that often guides our actions.

Fortune-telling with the help of the Junior Arcane does not provide long-term forecasts. It is responsible only for the current state of affairs.