Visiting the Wise woman Leila. Other People’s Children.

My Son became aggressive; the doctor was demanding to give him psychotropic drugs.

I met Nikolay 20 years ago. It all happened too quickly, without building any plans for the future, with no claims against each other, we just clicked and started living together. Nikolay NEVER spoke badly of his ex-wife, which described him as a decent man. I knew there was daughter, and she wasn’t small. For several years I have been making her gifts, trying to understand how she lives, whether she was suffering because of dad’s another family. It seemed to me that she was very upset because of her parents’ divorce and she was mad at me and dad unconsciously, seeing how carefully he treated me. When Nikolay was arguing with a daughter, I always protected her, regardless of whether she was right or not.

Soon we registered our relationship. The girl – she was 24 years then – seemed happy for us. Soon she married a good young man. He worked as a programmer in a major company and had great prospects. They had a son. To tell the truth, we were very happy, we helped how we could, sending them all on vacation, staying with a kid. We bought clothes, toys and, in general, were the real grandparents, while the daughter’s mother made no effort. She could even see the child only once a month, explaining that she was very busy. But at the same time she didn’t work or study.

When the child was 6 years old, I realized that I was expecting a child!!! Heroically I’ve been keeping the silence for two months, because of the fear that the husband will require to get rid of this unexpected surprise. At that time I was 42 years old. But, at the right time and in the right place, sitting in a comfortable family Italian restaurant, I decided that the time has come and there is no more sense to hide, and confessed to my husband that soon he would become a father for the second time in his life. Nikolay just was flying in the clouds for all the next months, he didn’t allow me to do ABSOLUTELY anything, catered to any my whims, and continually kissed the growing belly. He even refused to have intimate relationships, explaining that baby can have an injury. I agreed with anything, being glad that the person I loved was so happy.

… That morning, I felt a sharp piercing pain in my stomach and realized that it started. Still not waking up, I crawled to the bath and climbed into the shower. In the shower, I looked down and screamed wildly: there was a lot of blood on the tile floor. I jumped out of the shower and headed into the bedroom. What I saw almost drove me mad: a bloody trail lasted from the bed to the bathroom.

In the hospital I was immediately taken to the operating room. My husband was not allowed to go in: he was left to wait outside. When the cesarean procedure was finished, I heard, as through a fog, the doctors talking that they had failed to keep my female organs, they had to cut literally everything, because giving a birth to a first child in 42 years is quite difficult and a big risk. It is risk whether the child would be alive at all. But the boy was born alive and cried out quite loudly.

We were left in the hospital for a week, which usually does not happen in this country. When the husband came to take us home, I was waiting for the last results of examination of hearing, vision and other parameters of the baby – a standard procedure prior to discharge. The nurse has been absent for a long time, although I was told that the procedure takes no more than half an hour. When she entered the room and I held out my arms to take the child, but I saw another nurse behind her, in a whisper repeating the following: “The sick child, what a pity, the sick child”.

It was the end of my life and our family happiness. 4 years have passed. Husband, always gentle and caring, has become almost indifferent to me and the baby. I’ve never known what it means to divide the mortgage payment, bills for gas, electricity and other expenses for two. He stopped buying even food, saying that I needed to find a job. The child showed a development gap and was also hyperactive. Not a single nurse agreed to work with us and we’ve just registered the kid into a special place.

It took another 10 years. All this time I was patient: “What if suddenly everything changes and Nikolay will be my loving half once again”. Son studied in a special boarding school. Recently I began to notice that he comes for the weekend with shinning, as if unseeing eyes, speaks more quickly than usual, and laughs all the time. My only child got into marijuana. Twice we were visited by the police. In the end, he was caught selling this filthy thing. He was upset and swore not to do this more. I believed him, and my husband argued – he was already ashamed of his son, and then he “washed his hands”, saying, “God has given, if it is necessary – he will pick it up when he wants to.” The last few years husband’s daughter demanded us to sell the apartment and give her husband all the money to buy a new big house. Without hesitating, she said that their healthy son needs the money more than our son, who still wouldn’t be useful and could just sit on the dole. She didn’t accept her brother, and had forbidden his boy to see him and to talk with.

It got to the point that Nikolay’s daughter began to conjure. I regularly found pins, dolls and all kinds of strange things in my apartment, which I never brought to the house. In addition, she started calling the boarding school, where the son studied, and saying that he was dangerous, aggressive, that he could attack, etc. She demanded to close him down there for 7 days a week with no rights for the weekend and asked me to give him strong psychotropic drugs.

She said that we should not waste money and time, and people do not live long with this diagnosis and he would die soon, that’s why we needed to sell the apartment, get a room and lock him in the boarding school forever. Husband tried to break down on me, supporting his daughter, but I was able to give a hard argument in my defense. Because the apartment, in which we lived, was originally mine. But it was clear that pressure from their side on this issue will intensify, and that means there will be more scandals, and it can lead to loss of the property and something else bad. The lawyer advised me to gift deed to my son, as under the will half of the property automatically becomes the property of the spouse. I followed the wise advice immediately, and, being sure, that I should not have secrets from the husband, I showed him the new document. Nicely I tried to explain that I could not leave my child in ignorance in case if something happened to me. I love him in any condition, whether healthy or not. He can work at McDonald’s and other similar areas of the service sector with his diagnosis, and he would have his own apartment instead of renting some rooms in the basement. After all, no disability benefits or even salaries will be enough to rent an apartment in a good safe area and still pay all the costs.

For the first time in my life my husband raised his hand against me. When I put ice to cheek in front of a mirror in the toilet, washing away the blood from my nose along with the leaking mascara, I heard my husband clearly said the words in which there was no pity or even a hint of the love, as I thought, was once. “DIVORCE” – he said and left the apartment. I never saw him again.

I came to Leila quite by accident, one woman at work went to see her on the issue of hyperactivity of her seven-year daughter, and her husband was in a bad business. And Leila really helped them. Finding out my situation, this wonderful woman explained that the daughter’s husband set a program on the collapse of our family. Also, if I do not remove the evil that she has done to my boy something bad may soon happen – for example, he can get addicted to other drugs and die from overdose. That’s why she said that people with such a diagnosis do not live for a long time. Leila noted that we needed to hurry and clean up as soon as possible, because the program of disease and destruction was also set on my health, it has been operating for a few months, and soon I could lose the ability to work and simply fade away.

A couple weeks of productive work has just passed with this amazing woman, and I felt that life was not only black, but white too. Nikolay sent a huge number of bouquets of flowers with notes of forgiveness and a request to hear him out. I held on, but agreed to meet after the fifth bouquet. He knelt down and handed me a long red box, in which a Golden bracelet of a rare beauty laid. I haven’t been receiving such gifts from him for fifteen years. Husband begged me to forgive him and take back, said he realized his mistake, and that he has a son whom he really loves. He explained that her daughter was blackmailing him, that if he didn’t do the way she wanted, he would never see her or his grandson. Knowing his gentle nature, she stated that the apartment was more important to him and that he didn’t have a daughter no more. It had broken my husband, so he announced the divorce…

My husband and I are living together again, I feel great. Leila helped my son to get rid of addiction on marijuana completely, and even SIGNIFICANTLY reduced his hyperactivity and nervousness. The charges of selling marijuana were taken; the reference about her illness was recognized. Leila put a protection on our family, because, you know, today one can conjure, and tomorrow another will come to mind to do something else. I don’t have to run to Leila every time – because the protection is valid for many years. By the way, she closed the husband’s daughter for the communication with me and my son, so we have no intersection points, and, therefore, we don’t have anxiety because of talking to her. I am so grateful to You, dear Leila. I have never met such a decent, honest and plain person like You in my life. And such a powerful and talented. Thank you!