I am lucky, because I am a bad wife.

Confession of a negative person.

Dear readers! Dear Leila, it has been two days since I last saw you. Now I want to share my experience and sum up the results from visiting the office on 1111 Finch Ave W. I know that 80% of Leila’s visitors are men. I think that following this confession, a wave of unhappy and mad women who have done a lot of mess in their life will come to her. I do not know if this article will take one or two pages in the newspaper, but I told Leila that I’d PAY FOR IT MYSELF (I’ve already paid the highest price in my life). It is just a tiny part of my gratitude to this GREAT AND WONDERFUL WOMAN.

I have been dating my husband for a year and a half. We both had good incomes and were spending money at any chance possible. The word “Sale” did not exist for us, we did not care if a thing cost 60$ or 600$ – if we liked it we would buy it. We did not have a mortgage or kids, so we were spending our money on ourselves only. Then was the wedding – small, but cheerful. Friends and guests – new and pretty. Soon our first daughter was born and she needed only the best things. We even had to bring grandmother from abroad to babysit. We bought an apartment and got a car loan, piling up taxes. We stopped wasting money, as our wages were not endless. Everything was stable without any trouble ahead, when my husband got sick unexpectedly. It turned out he had the first stage of contracted liver. Then our first fight started. Doctors, prayers, natural medicine, chemotherapy – all possible methods that could help my beloved were used. And we succeeded. The nervous system was not exhausted, we have never been ditched or scammed before, and we knew there were more good people, than bad ones. Our infant demanded all our time, attention and endless life. We won over the disease, despite the fact that we will not be able to have more kids. Probably, it was a payment for my husband’s life. About half a year later, my husband snapped at the restaurant: not willing to be insulted he beat two big fellows. He spent 2 weeks in jail, but it affected the assessment of his status in Canada, and soon he had to leave us. After paying the lawyer a lot of money, I found myself alone with my little daughter and a bunch of monthly payments. I applied for husband’s family sponsorship. Having only one salary, I understood that I would need a lot of money to fight and survive. Smart people advised me to sell the apartment, which rose in price at that moment. I sold it, bought a small old house, repaired it and sold again. I earned some money and paid off my banking loan, which I took for buying and repairing the property. My next house already had a small mortgage, necessary for repairing the frontage an interior. From time to time, I visited my husband in Novosibirsk alone or with my daughter, but we could not be together for more than a week. Two years later, the registers’ immigration said our documents were lost. They were looking for the documents for two more years, and then we got a rejection. An immigration officer could not find our folder and recommended applying the new documents. By that time, I have already built my own one-storied house with my money. Expanding the construction gang, I never stopped: I was buying, building and selling larger houses. When, finally, my husband steeped into our huge castle, so to say, he was astonished. He said: “I’ve lost so many things and remained way behind, not following the trends. You’ve become a serious constructor, my beauty!”

I suppose, that was the day, when I LOST MY MIND. Being used to managing the constructors, I switched this mood onto the family. As they were even more mischievous than I was, they did not obey, so we started fighting often. I became very nervous and started smoking. I did not even have the patience for my daughter’s usual tiny tricks. Everything irritated me, and I could not even speak calmly. In addition to all this, I got “STAR SICKNESS, which happens quite often to those who are on top of their career. Without even noticing, I started bragging at any chance possible and about everything; I was humiliating my husband, hurting his Siberian manhood. When my daughter was a teenager, she started smoking pot and communicating with bad kids. She openly used strong language towards us and spent most of her time at the computer, often skipping classes. It was revenge for our fights and the fact that I gave her to a baby-sitter instead of bringing her up myself. Then I got involved with an Indian architect. I would get into his car, when my husband was looking, and we would leave for several hours. My husband’s old father, who was living with us for a year and saw everything, got a blood-stroke and died two days later in a hospital. I have not heard my husband saying that it was my fault; I just woke up alone in a large house without him and the daughter. He took the nanny as well, because my girl was growing up with her for these 12 years. I was left with a cat only – a bold cat, as it was sphynx. Often we do not understand how happy we are to be close with our loved ones. We hear that a person is so dignified and honorable, but we realize it only when we lose that person. Leila told me during the first session in her office: “You want to bring HIM back and you want to know if you deserve to live with him. Do you know why I’ll tell you YES?”

  • Why? – I asked. Since I came in, I have not dropped a word.
  • Because when you received the divorce papers, you did not get the main one, with the demand to split the property. He does not need ANYTHING from you! But he doesn’t need YOU either… That is the man. A real Siberian!
  • How did you know all that? – I crawled down from the chair to the floor and started crying.
  • I know everything, – Leila said. – And I will see whether to give you a chance. And you can keep your money, better spend it on your new house.
  • Are you so rude with everybody? – I asked.
  • But you need to be put in place. Somebody has to do it! – she shouted.

After telling me a few more “kind” words and calling me A TIME BOMB, Leila started working on bringing back my family.

  • Why are you still doing it? – I was interested.
  • At least someday, at least a few years before age of majority, what do you think, should a kid be with the MOTHER? – Leila answered.

A month later, my husband, my daughter and I, went to Dominican Republic. We came back fresh, tanned, and full of strength and desire to be together forever. Following Leila’s advice, we sold the old house and bought a new one. There was too much negative energy and envy in those old walls. Amid all those changes, my unemployed husband found a new and better job. The daughter stopped smoking; she is studying well and treats me nice, which has never happened before. Not everyone is able to admit his or her guilt. But if you lost the most precious thing in your life, you can call Leila – she is a remarkable Medium.

The main thing is to never lose hope.

  • I love my family.
  • I feel life in my family.
  • I WILL NEVER hurt them again.