Program: First Stage.

The program includes 12 lessons twice a week for 1 hour each, or 1 time a week 2 hours in a row. Classes begin at 19:30 pm. Duration of the course – 6 weeks.


School registration begins 1.5 months prior the classes start. An applicant must have 2 passport size photos and a deposit of 100 Canadian dollars in the form of cash, check, or money order. First stage course fee is 600 Canadian dollars.


lesson #1

  1. Three rules of the folk healer
  2. The Correspondence of the Earth and the Anti-world
  3. Life after death
    A. The dead person soul’s journey
    B. 1-st day, 7-th day, 9-th day, 40 days

lesson #2

  1. The seven elements – 7 energy components
  2. The silver water. Preparation
  3. Living and dead water. Preparation. Treatment.

lesson #3

  1. Energies
  2. The female energy
  3. The energy of objects and precious metals
  4. Children’s illnesses – connection with the space energy

lesson #4

  1. Hair. Hair loss.
  2. The whammy. Signs of the evil eye, damage, witchcraft
  3. Curse

III. Types of protection. “Cocoon”.

lesson #5

  1. 24 stages of living on the Earth.
  2. Positivity and negativity
    A. Seven levels. 7 ways of marriage.
  3. The origin of the Man. Hierarchy.

lesson #6

  1. Deck of Toro cards. Division.
  2. Simple classifications
  3. Analysis of the situation
  4. Relationship to the person
  5. Relationships Status between people.

lesson #7

  1. Value of the cards of the Major Arcana
  2. Minor Arcana. Division.
    A. Swords
    B. Cups
    C. Coins
    D. Wands
  3. The number of cards. The meaning of the card’s number

lesson #8

  1. the bio-field
    A. Range
  2. The bio-field Treatment.
    A. Water charge
    B. Removal of the negative fields from the precious metals
    C. Precious metals charge
  3. Removal of the negative and sick energies after bio-energy-massage.

lesson #9

  1. Practical bio-field treatment in a group.
  2. Diagnostics

lesson #10

  1. Black forces.
  2. Demons. Their shared settlement.
    A. Witches and Devils. Their shared settlement.
  3. Parallel worlds

Lesson #11

  1. Epilepsy and schizophrenia – black world diseases.
  2. 666 – the number – the Beast.

III. Traditional recipes

  1. Evil eye and damage removal.

lesson #12

  1. Words and diseases meaning (Explanation)

At the end of the course a graduation ceremony will take place with diplomas presentation. The fees for the full restaurant covering are 14 Canadian dollars per person. Alcohol beverages are not included.

At the ceremonial signing of the diploma by the applicant, the form becomes effective and curative properties. It can be applied to a sick body for pain removal. Possible to put it under charged water bottles for the night while it will strengthen its curative properties.

For additional information you can address via phone 416-650-1282