Dependence on drugs.

Drug addiction.
Eat a pill – become a goat.

Dear readers! Those, who are following me in the press constantly, know that I turn to you in my articles from time to time trying to warn and help you understand a particular phenomenon, which is already happening to us, or must soon happen.

I receive the information that should be transferred to the largest possible number of people.

Almost any information comes to me spontaneously, just once, and never repeats. And only in rare cases, some of them visit me again and again. I have been working for almost 30 years, I understand that such information is VERY IMPORTANT and I want to tell you today about one case, hoping that you will hear me and benefit from it.

Over the last few decades there was such a number of events on a global scale in the world, which humanity haven’t seen for several centuries. They are developing with a cosmic speed, and sometimes people do not have time to understand and realize even one thought, as they already have to adapt to another, now unknown to science, technology, medicine, etc. For example, who of us can remember when there was a jump from a stationary phone to a mobile “Motorola”? How did Skype appear? It’s quite a keen jump, isn’t it? As if one day we fell asleep and woke up because of a video call on Skype. Or someone can say how in a matter of days suddenly the terrorist organization ISIL appeared out of nowhere, which today is fighting super powerful governments with?

Indeed, there are many unique, strange, wonderful and terrible things around the world, and all this especially affects our brain… Unfortunately, not in a very good way.

In the last few years, a huge amount of mental disorders and obsessions has been spreading like an epidemic in the world. All that I see and feel, as they say, is on the cards. But visiting the doctors is useless too – they only give antidepressants and other drugs that make people addicted. After all, if you give a pill, which helps in the treatment of people with mental illness, to a normal person, who’s brain just had been tired, and had an insomnia, it begins to have any symptoms of those patients with whom it is actually intended, in a few months. Besides, people become drug addicted. But the brain is like a computer, you just need to do a “Restart”… So, probably you’d better go to the fortune-teller – not to the doctors…

Such people come to me – 80% of my working hours engaged by them. What’s going on? At the turn of 20-21 centuries, our planet came under a lot of stress. Nearly 2,000 years the age of Pisces was replaced by the era of Aquarius – which means the Universe dictates special terms to us and our planet. The Earth’s magnetic field is changing (fortunately, not very quickly) and our body has time to readjust. The human brain and its nerve cells are particularly sensitive, we can see the breakdown of metabolism of different neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, etc. The synthesis of such an important element, as dopamine, is changing too. As a result, the humanity suffers from schizophrenia, manic depression, panic attacks, nervousness, different social phobias and conversion disorders. A new generation of people, who were born over the last 30-40 years, are especially vulnerable to this. But among them there are those whose activity of neurons is greater than all the others in several dozen times. Such people are born to create and build a new world.

This information is useless, if I don’t show the way to help, help you rebuild your attitude to everything around you. We need to change our priorities in life, to create for our children a supportive environment for adaptation to a new order of physical and spiritual demands of the Universe.

If you see there is something wrong in your family, it HURTS the SOUL and YOU are EXHAUSTED, do not hesitate to admit yourself as one of these people which come to me. After all, it’s better than to be in the room with four white walls and the barbed wire fence seen through a small window…