Visiting Leila: I got mad.

Visiting the Wise woman Leila. I’ll grow up and teach you a lesson. Reading the Russian press, I have often seen notes, articles and letters, focused on professional activities of a Wise woman Leila. It seemed that everything they wrote about was happening somewhere far away from me, and it […]

Just love…

JUST LOVE, BUT IDIOCY TOO “I wish I could take advantage of him, but he has no money,” – Olga thought, heading in the bus to the subway Finch in the direction of her house. More precisely, her rented apartment. She was so tired of her old house, where she […]

Confession of Leila’s client to a reporter…

Confession of Leila’s client to a reporter… There are certain professions, which include people ruling others’ destinies – politicians, military officers, teachers and even journalists. You may be surprised, dear readers, but it is what I imagined myself recently, until my good friend phoned me and said directly: “Kosnyak, you […]

Dependence on drugs.

Drug addiction. Eat a pill – become a goat. Dear readers! Those, who are following me in the press constantly, know that I turn to you in my articles from time to time trying to warn and help you understand a particular phenomenon, which is already happening to us, or […]

Leila: hermits of our time

“The methods used by this person to disclose the causes of disease, disharmony or dysfunction, as well as the ability to influence and subsequent neutralization of these causes, the return of health and the positive solution of most of the declared problems do not fit into the framework of modern […]

Leila Doesn’t Joke.

Our ancestors used to say: “One misfortune comes on the back of another”. What did they mean? That we should let the misfortunes in without fighting or that we need to open the doors to your friends so that they could help us in difficult times? Probably, the second one, […]