1. Do you consider yourself a person with a developed intuition, understanding and sensitive?
A. Of course, I think
B. Yes, probably
. I do not know, I’m not sure
. No

2. Are you ready to commit a rash act for the sake of a loved one?
A. Without a doubt
B. Not in any situation
C. Maybe
. I always think before

3. What does the term “Swan fidelity” mean to you?
A. All my life I love one / one
B. To be faithful to one / one whole life
. There is no such thing
. I do not know

4. Is it true that marriage strengthens the union of two people?
A. Certainly
B. Not always
C. This is all a showcase for others
D. If there are real feelings, then it does not matter

5. How do you feel about the “Swedish family” option?
A. Normally
B. No / No matter
C. This is immoral
Everyone has the right to choose

6. Have you ever had inconsistencies with yourself?
A. Continuing
B. Sometimes I noticed / noticed
. Recently
. Never

7. How often do you think about the meaning of life?
A. Quite often
B. Somehow did not think
C. Sometimes it happens
D. This is the prerogative of philosophers

8. Do you think that your life was a success?
A. Yes, I think
B. In principle, yes
. Not as I would like to
. Absolutely not


Count your scores on the following scale:

A – 1 point
B – 2 points
C – 3 points
D – 4 points

If the sum of points scored is:

from 1 to 17 points, then
You are a real, sensible person who is busy with everyday, exclusively “earthly” problems. You do not care about the higher matter. You do not fly in the clouds and adhere to the saying: “Trust, but check”. Apathy and depressive states, as a rule, bypass you.

from 17 to 25 points, then
You are a modern, well-read person. In a dispute you enter only if you are 100% sure of your success. You respect any decisions of close people, but do not be silent if they are reckless. Spontaneous actions you are able to make quite rarely. You know how to behave in the hands.

from 25 to 32 points, then
You are a refined, easily vulnerable person who has read tons of isoteric literature in his life. Raised on novels and films, you are able to get stuck in a story that can drag you on for a long time and “expensive.” At first, you idealize everyone, and afterwards you are very disappointed. Do not get hung up on one thing, you become boring!